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LED Lighting

The LED lighting technology has paved way for a more energy-efficient lighting system in residential and commercial settings. While LED lighting is more energy-efficient, it still has not displaced incandescent and fluorescent lighting from the market, primarily because of the cost of LED bulbs. LED bulbs are a little more expensive than other types of bulbs. However, recent advancements in LED technology are already addressing this issue, and recent developments in LED manufacturing technology have managed to drive the prices down to a competitive and cost-effective level.

One major advantage of using LED bulbs is that LED lighting has a projected lifespan five times longer than compact fluorescent light (CFL) and over forty times longer than incandescent. See table below for more comparisons.

Light bulb lifespan (hours)50,00010,0001,200
Watts per bulb101460
Cost per bulb (AUD)$39.75$4.5$1.50
KWh of electricity used over 50,000 hours5007003000
Cost of electricity (@ 0.10per KWh)$50$70$300
Bulbs needed for 50k hours of use1542
Bulb expense for 50,000 hours of use$39.75$22.5$63
Total cost for 50,000 hours$89.75$92.5$363

We can see that while the cost of an LED bulb is higher than CFL and incandescent, total cost for 50,000 hours of use turns out to cost much less. This is something that residential and commercial customers should consider.

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